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Convert hex characters in text with php built-in function

Is there a built-in PHP function to convert hex characters in text? This: {-code-1} to {-code-2} :::$encoded="this is \x7Btext\x7D";|||$decoded="this is {text}";
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php - Linux: "Caching" Data for multiple processes

Sorry for that title, I can´t find short words to describe my request. On my Debian 9 Server I have a process
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php - Can not getting config params values in api controller Yii2

I am getting undefined parameter error while calling {-code-1} I have created api folder for web services and in this i have
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php - Woocommerce How can I create my own new order email template?

I want to integrate the form that I designed into my email system and when it comes to order, I would
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Translating Wordpress (WooCommerce plugin) using php filters

I am trying to translate my WooCommerce page to my native language using php filterss (add_filter() function). I got one example where
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javascript - Form insertion into database not working asynchronously

I'm trying to get a text area's value inserted asynchrnously into my database, however it keeps redirecting to the PHP processing
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javascript - How to executing a validation in text box number format like 44.44

I want to Check the value to both javascript and php ,which one should be like this format 22.22 or 00.44
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Php & Session after login to page

I have created login page which after user name and pass word is accessing my other pages. But problem is when
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php - Redirect to a different webpage on an if isset button

I can easily add an href link in html to redirect to another page, but what is the PHP code for
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laravel - How can I export .csv file using with Japanese character code in PHP?

I'm trying to create a csv file using laravel and php. The database used to create the csv contains Japanese characters
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