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php - Laravel eloquent relationships with foreign keys

Stuck on this one tonight...so I'm building a messaging system which is comprised of tables as seen in this schema:
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PHP re-organizing an array

The array has to be organized so that, rather than having each value in the array, the array values of arrays
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php - finding number of rows affected or retrieve

i am have problems with retrieving the number of rows affected or retrieved from the database. when I check the value
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PHP Function call with AJAX - Update cookie

I'm currently trying to update my cookie in a online-store. When the amount of a specific product in the store is updated,
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PHP iconv Special Character Conversion

I have a problem converting the UTF-8 chars to the plain text. Some of them work while some give : {-code-1} {-code-2} Outputs: Zluto{-code-1}ucky
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php - What should be the default value for $security?

I'm working on this method: {-code-1} But I got this error when it's called: Controller "GroupDCA\PDOneBundle\Controller\LoginController::loginAction()" requires that you provide
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php - Symfony2, Doctrine: Configuring repositories for multiple databases

let's say i have a lot (50+) of repository configurations that begin like this {-code-1} i am working with more than one database,
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Basic php Login form with defined Name and Password

class="s-notice s-notice__info post-notice js-post-notice mb16" role="status">
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jquery - Trying to POST multiple items to the next page on form submit PHP

I'm a beginner with basic PHP knowledge. I have a multiple drop down menu item list that queries my database. On
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php - Laravel 5 Multi-Tenancy App on Fortrabbit

Currently migrating Laravel 5 multi-tenancy application on to Fortrabbit. My account type is Floppy [ A minimal setup for a development environment,
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