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Sync Effect using jQuery based Ajax/PHP?

I'm building a groceries application that allows for syncing with other members in your family who are part of a 'family'
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php - Which is the most seo-friendly way to detect browser language and redirect 301 to home page

I have a {-code-1}page, I want to detect client browser's language then make a 301 home page or other thing. but
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php display image

I am not able to display image using this code. Could any one help me in correcting? {-code-1} :::<?php include("connect.php"); $sql="select
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php - Why does mySQL return 0 results on my LIKE query?

This is my query {-code-1} I have a record already with the values {-code-2} It just returns 0 results. Clearly I don't want to
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PHP -JavaScript : Monitor changes of a file

I'm still new to PHP/Javascript.I've made a simple Clock program in Javascript successfully. Now i have a file ( and the file
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linux - change directory permission (chmod) in php

I have googled but I can't seem to get my script to work. this is my code {-code-1} I can't seem to get the
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mysql - Using PHP & cron how can i inform a user that he has got 15 days more left to pay his amount?

DueDate Table structure src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/Pc05N.png" alt="enter image description here"> my query here is how to check automatically in php that a user has
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parameters - php, I cant pass an array as reference

this is the function: {-code-1} now I need to do this: {-code-2} but that fails. Another way: {-code-3} it drops an error: Can't use function return value
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php get for POST or use value

I have a php function which gets a value from previous page but I want to have an existing value just
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How to put permission or SSL connection in php? HTTPS PHP fopen/fwrite to CSV

I have an HTML form hosted on HTTP, and use PHP to open/write the data to existing CSV. Now I need to
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