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php - Form spoofing and methods to solve it

Solution:You are effectively reinventing the wheel, since the token requires a valid session to validate and thus only repeats the security
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How to Maintain Persistence State of a Dropdown with JavaScript Disabled - PHP

Solution:I normally do something like the following: {-code-1} What this does is print out the select box just as you've described, but it
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php - WordPress file "upload" from plugin

Solution:Check the following script to get the idea. (It does work.) {-code-1} :::$title = 'Title
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php - MySQL filtering with several inner joins

Solution:{-code-1} will give you all needed locations plus their names :::SELECT Entities.*, Locations.Loc_Name as Loc_Name FROM Entities
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php - Google Identity Toolkit HTTPS issue

Solution:It was a huge mess using google identity toolkit to have one domain log you onto another. IE company site
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php - User authentication with SecurityServiceProvider via POST

Solution:Here is an example of using the user provider to load a user check the password matches then setting the token
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php - Mailing from Flash (using Actionscript 3.0)

Solution:Use a pure ActionScript href="http://www.bytearray.org/?p=27" rel="nofollow noreferrer">SMTP mailer, such as: href="http://www.bytearray.org/wp-content/projects/smtpmailer/SMTPMailer%200.6.zip" rel="nofollow noreferrer">http://www.bytearray.org/wp-content/projects/smtpmailer/SMTPMailer%200.6.zip Library and FLA example included within the ZIP. Example
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PHP extending to the MySQLI class

Solution:If you look at the PHP reference for MySQLi (http://www.php.net/manual/en/class.mysqli.php), the original class constructor contains 6 parameters: {-code-1} When extending MySQLi you have
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php - select 1 random keyword per line in txt

Solution:To select a random keyword from that file: {-code-1} :::<?php //$keywords = file('keyword.txt'); OR $keywords = explode("\n", file_get_contents('keyword.txt')); echo $keywords[ array_rand($keywords) ]; ?>
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php - In edit page show selected radio button

Solution:Something like this {-code-1} works. It uses the ternary operator to either insert {-code-2} or an empty string into the {-code-8} tag,
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